About Us

The Hotel is the result of a family dream come true. Product of our years in the business, position us like one of the favorite places chosen by our guests.
We are located on National Route 76 (203 km) in the City of Villa Union head of Department Coronel Felipe Varela. This city is known for being one of the most important tourist poles of development in recent years in the province of La Rioja, due to the great beauty and natural landscape that frames.
In the "Corredor Valle del Bermejo" and a few kilometers from the city attractions they are beautiful as the Talampaya National Park, Cuesta de Miranda, Laguna Brava and a myriad of places that will captivate all the time.
Ready your camera to not miss a single detail of the beauties of our Valley, The National Park Talampaya, Laguna Brava and all the beautiful landscapes that frame the history of our peoples.
Excursions: Runacay / Corona del Inca

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